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Rubbish Audit


On Monday 16th March the Eco-Committee (SRC) conducted a rubbish audit for our school with the help of Mrs Austen, Mrs O'Meara, Mrs Carr and Mrs Mason. We collected five rubbish bins from around the school after recess and sorted the rubbish into four main categories:

1- advoid (soft and squishy)

2- Recycables (plastics, metals and r

3- Compost (food and vegetable matter)

4- Reuse

The results of the rubbish audit were that too much food is being wasted at NVPS. Left over sandwiches and chips took up much of the rubbish. As did plastic bags.

The Eco-Committee will use these results to try to improve litter in our school by reducing, recycling and reusing more of our waste.

Another rubbish audit will take place later in the year to measure if we as a school have improved in our litter management.